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Welcome to TEC

Tamlaght Equestrian Care - Where horse & rider learn together

When it comes to horses there are so many influences that improve or impeed our progression.

Understanding your horse is key to developing a strong relationship and progressing your training.

At TEC we are striving to create an environment that provides knowledge and confidence to progress and succeed. 

Bespoke Saddles

As a Fiona Cork Saddles stockist we can customise a brand new custom saddle designed specifically for the rider and the horse. It is essential to ensure your saddle places you in the best position whilst fitting your horse correctly. Through comfort and stability both horse and rider will naturally progress together. 

Work with what you've got

Many of us have spent time and money selecting our current saddle. Where possible Lynette will work with your current saddle to improve the fit to enable your horse to mobilise under saddle. Often a saddle can be adjusted on site and dramatic improvements can be achieved without a major investment.

Qualified Saddle Fitter

Lynette McKeown is a qualified Level 4 Saddle Fitter (IASF-A).

Traditionally saddle fitting has been approached as an add-on to the craft of saddle making (saddlery) rather than being considered its own, unique profession. IASF recognise the individual and complex skills required to be a great saddle fitter. Led by a team of equestrian and saddle experts IASF aim to develop world class, professional saddle fitters. 


Independent Fitter

We are brand independant, meaning we stock a wide range of saddles and accessories. This ensures we can meet the requirements of our clients and their horses, specifically in regards to budget, brand, saddle type and cosmetics.

Our new brands include:

Adam Ellis, Cameo, Eco-Rider, Fairfax, Fiona Cork, Kent & Masters, Premier Equine, Ryder, Whitaker.


Tamlaght Equestrian Care was bron with one vision in mind, helping the equine community ensure their horses are as comfortable and happy as possible while carrying their riders.

Horses were not designed to carry us and therefore a saddle needs to ensure our weight is correctly distributed without compromising the horses way of going or comfort. There is a lot more to ensuring a saddle fits correctly than just the width and length of it, but outside the correct fit there is our horses confirmation and rider bio-mechanics.  It is essential to take the whole picture, horse, rider and equipment into account.  

Here at TEC we assess the horse in hand and ridden. We have a range of facilities to ensure we can see the horse doing its preferred discipline and preferrably in a few different saddles to gain insight into exactly what helps your horse give you its best.

Lynette McKeown, Level 4 IASF saddle fitter, started out in Insurance. Alongside developing a professional career she worked as a groom for riders throughout Norway, Italy & Germany during which she completed EU Equine Bodyworker courses. Returning home to her corporate career she enjoyed bringing on her own young horses, hunting and prior to Covid started her Saddle Fitting education with IASF. Online studies continued throughout Covid and Lynette Qualified as a Level 4 Saddle Fitter in October 2021.

What started as a part time passion quickly took over and has now become a Full Time business, employing a small but brilliant team, servicing the whole of Northern Irleand and much of Southern Ireland with specialist saddlery needs.

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What we do

  • About
    Tamlaght Equestrian Care was born through a University project for our eldest daughters discertation. She created a business plan for an Equestrian centre based at our home address. Through her studies we realised that there was true demand for equestrian services within our area, not necessarily as a traditional Equestrian…
  • Arena Hire
    Here at TEC we have created an arena ideal for any equine discipline, with a course of show jumps, cavaletti and dressage markers. The arena can be booked for an hour at a cost of £25 to include up to 4 horses.  To the side of the arena we have…
  • Saddle Fitting
    How often have you found you and your horse progressing well, improving quickly and all of a sudden an unexpected behaviour appears. Rearing, bucking, refusal to work forward or accept a contact? This can be down to many things; frustration, inability, pain.... but often your horses progression has enabled your…