Saddle Fitting

How often have you found you and your horse progressing well, improving quickly and all of a sudden an unexpected behaviour appears. Rearing, bucking, refusal to work forward or accept a contact? This can be down to many things; frustration, inability, pain.... but often your horses progression has enabled your horse to change shape and the saddle is now a contributing factor to their discomfort. 

Saddle fit is crucial to your horses health and progression and as a horse owner I have found it difficult to find a saddle that consistently fits my horses. A saddle that is fitted and works well during the early days of training quickly becomes unstable as the horse develops top line. Therefore it is not that the saddle was poorly fitted but that the saddle fitter can only fit the horse they see on the day. This is fundamental when understanding why regular saddle assessments can enhance your preformance and increase your horses enthusiasm for work. 

We would not ride our horses if we knew one of their shoes was causing them pain so we should think of our saddles in the same way.

Within an hour I can assess your horse, saddle and their way of going to make suitable recommendations to improve your current tack. More often than not a simple adjustment on site is all it takes to customise the saddle to your horse and put you and your equine best friend back on track.