Tamlaght Equestrian Care was born through a University project for our eldest daughters discertation. She created a business plan for an Equestrian centre based at our home address. Through her studies we realised that there was true demand for equestrian services within our area, not necessarily as a traditional Equestrian Centre but focusing on the well being of our equine friends.


The founder of TEC, Lynette McKeown started out her passion of horses at 10 years old when her dad, sorry santa, delivered a little pony called Twilight. From then the addiction took hold and she has been a horse enthusiast ever since. Spending her childhood at riding centres and horse dealers she developed a love for all things equine. She spent some time as a professional groom in dressage and show jumping yards in Europe and learnt the value of ensuring the horses comfort to reach your riding goals through Equine Bodywork. Having her own horses throughout adulthood Lynette has spent time training young stock, hunting, backing, retraining racehorses and jumping. It has become evident that physiotherapy and saddle fit are key elements to developing a happy, progressive horse. Lynette qualified as a Level 4 Saddle fitter in October 2021 and focuses on the best fit to enable the horse to work properly under their rider.